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AUArts Grad Show 2024

Illingworth Kerr Gallery, Alberta | May 2024 -June 2024

  • Displayed work in both the on-campus and online graduation show celebrating student achievements.


Busi-Bula Gaganata'am is an Indigenous body horror about a talented young kwakwaka'wakw dancer who undergoes a terrifying metamorphosis into a plastic doll, unravelling the theme of trauma. Throughout my last semester, I have been developing this story, mainly through storyboarding and creating a pitch package. These are four sequential illustrations from key moments of the dancer girl’s metamorphosis.

Visit my page about this project to see more!


One of the projects I am most proud of is my development work on the storybook concept Oneironaut - A Dream Journey to the Land of the Dolls. This project was part of an assignment focused on creating concept drawings and finished artwork to propose either a Graphic Novel segment or a narrative section to a publisher, extending from prior Visual Dev Work.
In 'Oneironaut,' young Penelope's vivid imagination leads her on a fantastical journey through diverse dimensions within her dreams, where she, along with her stuffed sloth companion Loaf, and a ragdoll named Olive, confront the sinister Doll Maker, embarking on a quest that uncovers the transformative power of love, compassion, and friendship within the enchanting world of dreams.

Visit my page about this project to see more!

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