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The Big Performance

Step into the world of The Grand Academy Performing Arts, where Patches the gloomy clown grapples with performance anxiety in a sea of confident performers. When Patches catches the eye of Petal, a talented mime with a hidden crush, their journey takes an unexpected turn. Will Patches conquer her fears and deliver a show-stopping performance? Can Petal find the courage to reveal her true feelings? With dark humour, romance, and slice-of-life moments, 'Patches the Gloomy Clown: The Big Performance' is a heartwarming tale of self-discovery, acceptance, and the power of unexpected connections.


Patches the gloomy clown

In the competitive world of wonderful performers, Patches is a social outcast. Patches a gloomy melodica-playing clown who suffers from some serious performance anxiety but desperately wants to fit in with the crowd at The Grand Academy Performing Arts. 

Petal the spectacular mime

Petal is an amazing and talented mime, the top of the class at The Grand academy performing arts. 

Petal may appear cold and distant, but she’s secretly putting on a face. Her deepest secret is that she has a crush on her classmate Patches but can't let her find out, often letting her jealousy get the best of her. 


Patches and Petal

Patches is initially intimidated by Petal, but grows to rely on her for reassurance. Petal, in turn, admires Patches and wants to be closer to her, but struggles to break down her own walls. She can't understand why Patches is so self-deprecating when she sees her as the best performer she's ever met. Their complex relationship is at the heart of this darkly humorous, romantic, and slice-of-life story of self-discovery and unexpected connections.

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