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"Oneironaut" is a children's story I developed in my senior year at The Alberta University of the Arts as my graduation project. This project began as an animation character design and has evolved into a fully-fledged children's book, including extensive visual development work.

The project involved creating a concept art book that explores character designs, costumes, and environment building, as well as developing sample spreads and a cover design mockup for the final book. "Oneironaut" is a reflection of my dedication to bringing stories to life through vivid illustrations and imaginative storytelling.

In "Oneironaut," young Penelope's vivid imagination leads her on a fantastical journey through diverse dimensions within her dreams. Accompanied by her stuffed sloth companion Loaf and a ragdoll named Olive, Penelope confronts the creepy Doll Maker. Together, they embark on a quest that uncovers the transformative power of love, compassion, and friendship within the enchanting world of dreams.

Inspired by my own childhood experiences as a creative and imaginative dreamer, "Oneironaut" is a celebration of creativity, imagination, and the magic of childhood. It is a heartfelt project that captures the essence of childhood wonder and the joy of imaginative play.

Visual Development
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